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The world of removal and relocation services is continually undergoing rapid changes. It is becoming increasingly global in its design and organisation and more and more local in every stage of its implementation. Throughout these changes, AGS has one and only goal: the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners. To achieve this lasting objective our company is carrying out many actions simultaneously. Firstly, for 38 years, AGS has invested in analysing and understanding the needs of its customers. This analysis has resulted in the research and development of materials and packaging methods, procedures, logistics, and monitoring or communication methods with the sole purpose of continuous improvement in the quality of services offered. Secondly, AGS is continually developing its network. Today the company has no fewer than 128 locations in 80 countries, supplemented by 300 strictly selected agents. This exceptional international network enables overall and constant monitoring of moves from the point of departure to the final delivery destination. We can therefore guarantee quality and consistently superior service throughout the world. Finally, as a company that is committed and faithful to its longstanding values, AGS is exemplary in the field of environmental protection and social responsibility. Our Group has always been attentive to its impact on nature, on mankind, on business partners and on the local communities in which we operate. Each year, we consolidate this investment with multiple initiatives in order to make our contribution to building a fairer and better world. Our support since July 2009 of the United Nations’ Global Compact, which sets out ten universal principles, symbolises this commitment. In 2010, in partnership with the NGO Planète Urgence, we are launching the "1 move = 1 tree” project. It allows us to get you involved in a plan for reforestation in Africa and Asia within a sustainable development framework. If you are looking for a global removal company that pays attention to your needs, if you are looking for a powerful and efficient company that also fully takes on its responsibilities, AGS is that company. Both family owned and global, a people-sized company that is able to serve you on five continents. AGS is at your service, my employees are convinced of it.

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