Latest Real Estate News in UAE

Indian business group makes realty push into Dubai

Feb 15 ,2014, city : Dubai

 Dubai: One of the biggest Indian-owned businesses in the wider Gulf, the R.P. (Ravi Pillai) Group plans to deploy $1.5 billion (Dh5.5 billion) on real estate development in Dubai, with two projects in Business Bay and another at Downtown. It is the first time the $3 billion plus entity is getting into realty in these markets, with g... more

Hospitality and retail make gains for Emaar Properties in 2013

Feb 17 ,2014, city : Dubai

 Dubai: With retail and hospitality making up 46 per cent of Emaar Properties 2013 revenues, it will set up another debate whether the developer should spin these off into a separate entity altogether. Net profit for the year totalled Dh2.56 billion against Dh2.11 billion a year earlier, on revenues of Dh10.32 billion (Dh8.24 billion... more

New residential supply will ease Abu Dhabi rent pressure

Feb 18 ,2014, city : Abu Dhabi

 Dubai: Abu Dhabi may have removed the 5 per cent rental cap, but the substantial new residential supply — 40,000 units forecast for the next three years — could ensure that rent spirals do not go out of hand.

“The high volume of expected new supply may at least help to curb some of these inflationary... more

Dubai gains traction reviving stalled projects

Feb 25 ,2014, city : Dubai

 Dubai: Major reforms are in the offing to streamline the entry of bulk (angel) investors into stalled projects in Dubai and turn them around, according to market sources.

“There is an existing programme that’s been operating under the Dubai Land Department; but the proposed changes could make it easier for... more

Commercial rents in Sharjah on the rise

Feb 26 ,2014, city : Sharjah

sharjah: After tenants, it’s the turn of businessmen to bear the brunt of Sharjah’s bullish rental market.

Industry insiders say the scen-ario for the emirate’s commercial properties is heating up after a lull of almost three years.

At the receiving end are a host of small to medium business... more

Real estate: Nakheel repays debt 18 months early

Feb 24 ,2014, city : Dubai

 Dubai: Nakheel has instructed the repayment of Dh2.35 billion in bank debt 18 months ahead of schedule.

The company said that the early repayment is part of a Dh6.8 billion debt due in September 2015.

The repayment reflects the company’s strong financial performance since its restructuring, as wel... more

'End users, investors top drivers of Dubai real estate'

Feb 21 ,2014, city : Dubai

 Dubai: End users and investors are the main drivers of Dubai’s real estate market, experts and developers told Gulf News on Thursday at the opening of the new property show, Next Move live.

The three-day show is the first in the UAE dedicated to showcasing residential properties and offering potential consumers ... more

Local developers start taking northbound route

Feb 19 ,2014, city : Ras Al Khaimah

 Dubai: Buoyed by the interest swirling around Dubai property market, some developers are looking for first-mover advantage by taking on projects in the northern emirates and bring buyers in their wake. One such developer, Green Valley Real Estate, is testing out possibilities with the launch of a Dh100 million all-villa development ... more

Why Investing in Dubai Residential Properties is Lucrative?

Feb 6 ,2014, city :

It is an advice any real estate expert can easily and happily gives– invest in Dubai properties and get the best returns in a very short time. Dubai is ranked internationally as one of top 7 places in the world for lucrative property investments.

Dubai with its status as the fastest growing city in Asia boasts of wo... more